Book Review: The Man Who Didn’t Fly by Margot Bennett

The Man Who Didn’t Fly is a detective novel by Margot Bennett, first published in 1955. The story is set in a small Irish town and follows the investigation into the death of a local man, Henry Sinclair, who was found dead in a field after apparently falling from a plane.

The main character is Inspector Hazlerigg, a British detective who is called in to assist the local police in solving the case. Hazlerigg is initially skeptical about the theory that Sinclair fell from a plane, and suspects that foul play may have been involved. As he delves deeper into the case, he discovers that Sinclair had many enemies in the town, including his own family members.

Hazlerigg is assisted in his investigation by a local doctor, who provides valuable medical insights into the cause of Sinclair’s death. He also befriends a young woman named Doris, who works at the local airport and may have information about the plane that Sinclair allegedly fell from.

As the investigation progresses, Hazlerigg uncovers a complex web of secrets and lies surrounding Sinclair’s death. The truth is revealed in a dramatic and unexpected conclusion, with a twist that will keep readers guessing until the very end.

The Man Who Didn’t Fly is a well-written and engaging mystery novel that combines elements of detective fiction with a vivid portrayal of Irish small-town life.


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