Book Review: Murder Above the Silver Waves by Blythe Baker (Lillian Crawford, 1)

Murder Above the Silver Waves” is a cozy mystery novel by Blythe Baker, featuring the amateur sleuth Lillian Crawford and her twin brother, Felix Crawford. The book is the first in the Lillian Crawford series.

The story takes place on a cruise ship, where Lillian and Felix are enjoying a vacation. However, their plans are interrupted when a fellow passenger, the wealthy and unpopular businessman, Simon Daggett, is found dead in his cabin. The ship’s captain rules the death as accidental, but Lillian and Felix are convinced that it was murder and start investigating on their own.

As they begin to uncover clues, they discover that Simon had many enemies on the ship, including his business partner and his wife, who he was divorcing. As Lillian and Felix navigate the complicated relationships and secrets of the other passengers, they must also stay one step ahead of the ship’s staff and the killer who is determined to keep their identity hidden.

Blythe Baker’s writing style is engaging, and the characters but the characters are unlikable. Lillian is a bratty and shallow protagonist, The setting of the cruise ship is also an interesting and unique backdrop for the murder mystery, but this initial entry does not entice me to read more Lillian Crawford novels.

Murder Above the Silver Waves is a cozy mystery that will appeal to fans of the genre, but I cannot recommend it for other readers.

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