5 New Releases in January to Add to Your TBR Pile

As new book releases start hitting shelves, I am adding five new releases to my library and TBR list.

Last Seen in Santorini (Miss Ashford Investigates, 2) by Vivian Conroy, out January 6, 2023.

Miss Atalanta Ashford is sightseeing in Venice when she is approached by a mysterious stranger to look into whether her daughter fell from a cliff…or was pushed. Miss Ashford sails to Santorini to investigate and assumes the position of companion to the wealthy Bucardi family, where she is soon entangled in a web of family drama and deceit. As things get more deadly, Miss Ashford realizes her client is also lying to her. Can she figure out the truth before someone pushes her over the edge?

I’m looking forward to this book so much! I like Atalanta Ashford and am curious how her character will change and grow in this second novel. I’m partial to the greek location, being of Greek descent, and escaping to a seaside locale is miles better than the mountains of snow I am currently experiencing in Minnesota right now. I can’t wait to join Atalanta Ashford in sunny Santorini.

Kitty Underhay attends a charity ball and has the time of her life. When Kitty Underhay’s father, Edward, is suspected of killing a woman with a pair of silk stockings, her whole world is turned upside down! Can she find the real killer before her wedding bells ring?

Murder at the Charity Ball (A Miss Underhay Mystery. 11) by Helena Dixon, out January 20. 2023.

I’ll admit that I’m not a big fan of wedding-themed books, but I am intrigued by the violent nature of the death and how it will need to be solved quickly due to extenuating circumstances and pressures on Kitty Underhay. Hopefully, the family melodrama due to the impending wedding will be minimized in favor of an intriguing puzzle and mystery.

The Penguin Pool Murder (The Hildegarde Withers Mysteries, 1) by Stuart Palmer, out January 17, 2023.

In Miss Hildegarde Withers’ first novel she comes face to face with pick-pockets, mobsters, and murderers at the New York City Aquarium. When a man is found floating with the penguins during her third grade field trip, Miss Withers soon takes charge of the situation and joins police detective, Oliver Piper in hot pursuit of a ruthless killer.

I won’t reveal too much now since I have a review of the book coming later in January, but it’s a real fun time. Stuart Palmer is known for his outrageous plots and this zany mystery with the acerbic Miss Withers on her first case does not disappoint. Also, the cover art is great!

Found Floating (Inspector French) by Freeman Wills Crofts, out January 31, 2023

The Carrington family, recovering from a mysterious poisoning, sail away from Glasgow to leave their troubles behind them. Still, their attempt to recuperate is shattered when one of the family disappears on a day trip to Creuta. When a body is found floating in the Straits of Gibraltar, it’s up to Inspector French to find out who wants the Carrington family dead.

Another cruise around the warm Mediterranean finds it’s way into my most anticipated book of January. I love books set on the water or about cruising. It’s like a locked room mystery, but on steroids, with lots of locations, beautiful ships, and the ever-present danger of drowning. I can’t wait to expand my Inspector French collection with this expanded version of Found Floating, which includes a never before published commentary by Superintendent Walter Hambrook of Scotland Yard.

The End of Andrew Harrison (Inspector French ) by Freeman Wills Crofts, out January 31, 2023.

When Millionaire Andrew Harrison is found dead on his houseboat, his social secretary, Markham Crewe, suspects murder and is not satisfied with the verdict of suicide as proffered by local police. With the highly unpopular Andrew Harrison dead, his remaining family members have much to gain, and Crewe asks Inspector French to investigate.

This is one of Freeman Wills Crofts most loved books and I have never read it. I’m looking forward to a good locked room mystery fueled by lots of motives, twisted characters, and a satisfying conclusion. I hope this book lives up to the hypw of one of the best locked room mysteries by “The King of Crime.”

What new releases are you anticipating this month? Sound off below in the comments, and maybe we’ll all find some new books to read!


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