Book Review: The Inugami Curse by Seishi Yokomizo (Detective Kindaichi Mysteries, 4)

The Inugami Curse by Seishi Yokomizo is a classic mystery novel originally published in Japanese in 1951. The book has been translated into English by Yumiko Yamazaki and has since gained a reputation as one of the finest Japanese detective novels of all time.

The plot of The Inugami Curse centers around a wealthy and eccentric Japanese businessman named Sahei Inugami, who dies suddenly and unexpectedly. In his will, he leaves a large inheritance to his various heirs, including his four granddaughters, his two grandsons, and his son-in-law. However, Inugami’s death soon leads to a series of murders, and it becomes apparent that someone is trying to prevent the inheritance from being distributed.

The novel follows the investigation led by detective Kosuke Kindaichi, a brilliant but unconventional detective who uses his intellect and intuition to unravel the complex web of relationships and motives that surround the case. The story is set in a remote and isolated mansion, which adds to the atmosphere of tension and suspense throughout the novel.

One of the strengths of The Inugami Curse is its complex and multi-layered plot, which keeps the reader guessing until the very end. The novel also explores themes of family, greed, and the struggle for power and control.

Yokomizo’s writing is engaging and the translation is well done, with the narrative flowing smoothly and the characters well-developed. The setting is vividly described, and the dialogue and actions of the characters feel authentic and believable.

Overall, The Inugami Curse is a classic mystery novel that is well worth reading for fans of the genre. The intricate plot, engaging characters, and atmospheric setting make for an enjoyable and thrilling read. You can get a copy of this amazing book here.


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