#MissMarpleMonthly: The Moving Finger by Agatha Christie (Miss Marple Mysteries, 4)

The Moving Finger is a detective novel written by Agatha Christie and first published in the United Kingdom in 1942. The novel features Christie’s recurring character, Miss Marple, who plays a minor role in the story.

The story takes place in the small English village of Lymstock, where Jerry Burton and his sister Joanna move to recover from an air raid injury. Shortly after their arrival, they receive an anonymous letter that accuses them of being lovers, which is quickly followed by a series of similar letters sent to other residents of the village. The letters cause great distress and scandal in the village, and Jerry and Joanna set out to uncover the identity of the person behind them.

As they investigate, they discover that the letters are just one part of a larger conspiracy involving blackmail, murder, and a long-buried secret. With the help of local doctor and amateur detective, Dr. Griffiths, Jerry and Joanna work to unravel the mystery before the killer strikes again.

Jerry and Joanna seek the help of Miss Marple, who is staying with her friend Mr. Pye in a nearby village. Miss Marple is initially reluctant to get involved, but she is soon drawn into the mystery, using her trademark intuition and sharp observation to uncover the truth behind the anonymous letters.

As the plot thickens, the body of one of the recipients of the letters is discovered, and the police are called in to investigate. Miss Marple, however, is not satisfied with the official investigation and continues to gather clues and unravel the secrets of Lymstock, uncovering a web of lies, deceit, and betrayal.

One of the standout features of The Moving Finger is the depth and complexity of the characters. From the Burtons to the various residents of Lymstock, each character is fully realized and given their own unique motivations and secrets. The plot is also well-crafted, with plenty of twists and turns that keep the reader guessing until the very end.

But what truly sets The Moving Finger apart is the character of Miss Marple. Despite being an elderly spinster, she is a formidable detective, with a sharp mind and a deep understanding of human nature. Her keen observations and subtle manipulations of the people around her are both entertaining and impressive.

The Moving Finger is a classic whodunit that will satisfy any fan of the genre. It combines a clever and intricate plot with well-developed characters and an iconic detective in Miss Marple. Agatha Christie proves once again why she is one of the greatest mystery writers of all time. You can buy a copy here from Amazon.


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