Book Review: Murder at the Brightwell by Ashley Weaver (2014)

Murder at the Brightwell is a mystery novel written by Ashley Weaver, set in the 1930s and featuring the main character of Amory Ames. The story begins with Amory Ames, a wealthy and stylish young woman, receiving an invitation from her estranged husband, Milo, to join him for a weekend party at the Brightwell Hotel. Despite her reservations, Amory decides to attend the party in hopes of reconciling with Milo.

Upon arrival at the hotel, Amory discovers that her husband has invited his former mistress, actress Flora Bell, to the party as well. As tensions rise between the guests, Flora is found murdered in her room, and Amory takes it upon herself to solve the mystery and clear her husband’s name.

With the help of her old friend and amateur detective, Gil Rollins, Amory sets out to uncover the truth behind Flora’s death. Along the way, she must navigate a web of lies, secrets, and betrayals, and face the possibility that the killer may be someone she knows.

Despite their troubled past, she still loved him and wanted to believe that he was innocent. However, as more evidence pointed to Milo’s involvement in the murder, Amory began to doubt her own judgment and wonder whether she had been too quick to forgive him.

In the end, Amory’s intelligence and quick thinking helped her solve the case. She discovered that the true killer was none other than Flora’s former husband, who had killed her out of jealousy and rage. The murderer was brought to justice, and Amory was able to clear Milo’s name and put their troubled past behind them.

Amory was forced to confront her feelings for Milo as the investigation progressed. As the novel ended, Amory realized that she had learned a great deal about herself and her relationship with Milo. She knew they still had a long way to go, but she was determined to make things work between them. And with Gil Rollins by her side, Amory knew she had the courage and intelligence to handle anything life thrown her way. You can get a copy of Murder at the Brightwell from Amazon here and start a new and fun series today.


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