Book Review: Death in Provence by Serena Kent (2018)

Death in Provence by Serena Kent is the first Penelope Kite Mystery series book. Death in Provence follows the story of Penelope Kite, a recently divorced British woman who has moved south of France to start a new life. Penelope’s idyllic new beginning is interrupted when she discovers the body of her neighbor, Henri Mallet, floating in his swimming pool.

As the police investigate the murder, Penelope begins her investigation, suspecting there may be more to the case than meets the eye. She soon discovers that Henri has several enemies in their small village, including his wife and business partner.

As Penelope delves deeper into the case, she uncovers a web of secrets and lies in the community. She discovers that Henri was involved in a number of questionable business deals and that several people had a motive for wanting him dead.

As Penelope gets closer to the truth, she puts herself in danger, and the killer becomes increasingly desperate to keep their secrets hidden. In a thrilling conclusion, Penelope puts the pieces of the puzzle together and epuzzle piecesidentity, leading to a dramatic confrontation.

Throughout the story, Penelope also struggles with her demons, including her recent divorce and difficulty fitting in with the locals. Her journey adds depth to the story and makes her a relatable and compelling protagonist.

Death in Provence is a well-plotted and engaging mystery with a beautiful setting and well-drawn characters. The combination of an intriguing plot and a likable protagonist makes it a promising start to the Penelope Kite Mystery series.

The plot is a classic whodunit, with many suspects and motives for the murder. As Penelope investigates, she uncovers a web of secrets and lies in her small community, and the reader is kept guessing until the very end.

One of the strengths of this book is its setting. The descriptions of the Provence region are vivid and atmospheric, transporting the reader to the sun-drenched countryside and charming villages.

Another exciting aspect of this novel is the character of Penelope Kite herself. She is a relatable and relatable protagonist with a dry wit and a sharp mind sometimes. She is also bitter, lost, and lovelorn, which is a great place to begin a character arch, and I’m interested to see her grow into a fully realized woman who isn’t reacting to her painful personal life.

She is the first boozy wine mom, a millennial female protagonist I have read that feels like a meme come to life. If you are into that, then I think she’ll appeal to you and feel genre-defining. It doesn’t appeal to me, but I can see her appeal to others. Her status as an outsider in the community gives her a unique perspective on the investigation, and her personal struggles add depth to her character.

The supporting characters are also well-drawn, each with quirks and secrets. The interactions between the suspects and Penelope are entertaining and add to the overall sense of mystery.

Death in Provence is a well-written and engaging mystery that will appeal to fans of the genre. It’s a beautiful setting, well-drawn characters, and intriguing plot make it a promising start to the Penelope Kite Mystery series. Fans grab your favorite merlot for cozy mystery and join Penelope Kite on her first adventure through sunny Provence in Death in Provence. You can get this easy read from Amazon here.


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