Book Review: Laura by Vera Caspary (1943)

Golden Age of Detective Fiction


The novel Laura tells the story of a young woman named Laura Hunt, who is found murdered in her apartment in New York City. The investigation into her death is led by Detective Mark McPherson, who becomes obsessed with the case and with Laura herself.

As he delves deeper into Laura’s life and the people around her, McPherson begins to uncover a web of secrets and lies. He meets Laura’s wealthy fiancé, Shelby Carpenter, and her best friend, a cold and calculating socialite named Ann Treadwell. He also becomes enamored with Laura through her diary entries and other personal effects found in her apartment.

As McPherson becomes more and more obsessed with Laura, he starts to see her as more than just a victim. He begins to fall in love with her and imagines a life they could have had together. But as the investigation progresses, he also starts…

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