Book Review: Moriarty by Anthony Horowitz (2014)

Anthony Horowitz is a British author and screenwriter, born on April 5, 1955, in Stanmore, Middlesex, England. He has written several standalone novels for adults, including The House of Silk and Moriarty.

Moriarty is a novel that takes place after the events of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s The Final Problem, which famously ended with the apparent death of Sherlock Holmes and his arch-nemesis, Professor James Moriarty, at the Reichenbach Falls. The novel explores the idea of what might have happened if Moriarty had survived the fall and continued his criminal activities.

Moriarty by Anthony Horowitz is a novel that follows Inspector Athelney Jones, a minor character from Arthur Conan Doyle’s The Sign of Four, as he investigates a series of brutal crimes that seem to be the work of the notorious criminal mastermind, Professor James Moriarty, who was thought to have died at Reichenbach Falls along with his archenemy, Sherlock Holmes.

The story takes place in 1891, two years after the events of The Final Problem, in which Holmes and Moriarty are presumed dead. Jones, who had previously worked with Holmes on the case, becomes obsessed with the idea that Moriarty is still alive and responsible for a string of violent crimes that have been committed in London.

Jones enlists the help of American Pinkerton detective Frederick Chase, who has come to London on the trail of a criminal he believes is connected to Moriarty. Together, they follow a trail of clues that leads them deep into the criminal underworld of London and ultimately to a shocking revelation about Moriarty’s true identity and his plans for the future.

Throughout the novel, Horowitz expertly weaves together elements of Doyle’s original stories with his own original plot, creating a thrilling and suspenseful narrative that will keep readers guessing until the very end.

The plot of the book is cleverly crafted and full of unexpected twists and turns that keep the reader engaged from beginning to end. Horowitz’s writing style is both atmospheric and engaging, creating a vivid portrayal of Victorian London that draws the reader into the story.

The characters in the book are well-developed and believable, with Chase being a particularly interesting protagonist. He is a determined and resourceful detective who is not afraid to take risks to achieve his goals. Moriarty, on the other hand, is a formidable antagonist who is every bit as intelligent and ruthless as his reputation suggests.

One of the most impressive aspects of Moriarty is how well Horowitz manages to capture the essence of Conan Doyle’s original stories. The book feels like a natural continuation of the Sherlock Holmes canon, with Horowitz paying homage to the original while also putting his own spin on the story.

Moriarty is an excellent read for fans of Sherlock Holmes and detective fiction in general. Horowitz has created a compelling and entertaining story that is sure to keep readers on the edge of their seats. You can buy a copy from Amazon here.


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