Book Review: No Exit by Taylor Adams

No Exit is a gripping locked-room mystery by Taylor Adams, published in 2017. The novel follows the story of Darby Thorne, a college student who gets trapped in a rest stop during a blizzard with four strangers. The rest stop is located in the mountains of Colorado, and with the blizzard raging outside, the group is isolated and completely cut off from the outside world.

The novel starts with Darby driving through the mountains of Colorado to visit her mother who is sick. She gets caught in a blizzard and decides to stop at a rest stop for shelter. There, she meets a group of strangers who are also stranded because of the snowstorm. The group consists of a married couple, a young woman, and an older man. However, as Darby is about to leave the rest stop and return to her car, she sees a young girl locked inside a cage in the parking lot. Darby realizes that the girl is being held captive and needs help, but with the snowstorm making it impossible to leave the rest stop, she decides to find a way to rescue the girl.

The tension builds quickly as Darby tries to figure out who among the strangers might be the kidnapper. Each of the characters has their own secrets and hidden motives, making it difficult for Darby to know who to trust. She must also contend with the harsh conditions of the blizzard, which limits her options for escape.

As the novel progresses, the stakes become higher as the kidnapper becomes more desperate to keep his captive hidden. The tension between the characters intensifies, with each of them becoming more suspicious of the others. The characters’ backstories are slowly revealed, adding depth and complexity to the plot.

One of the most impressive aspects of No Exit is the way that Adams is able to build tension and suspense throughout the entire novel. The isolation of the rest stop and the unpredictable blizzard create a claustrophobic atmosphere that keeps the reader on edge. The tension between the characters adds to the feeling of unease, making it difficult for the reader to predict what will happen next.

Adams also does an excellent job of crafting each of the characters. Darby is a strong and determined protagonist who is easy to root for. The other characters are all complex and interesting in their own way, each with their own flaws and motivations. The way that Adams weaves their stories together is masterful, creating a web of intrigue and suspicion that keeps the reader guessing until the very end.

Another strong point of No Exit is the way that Adams handles the theme of survival. Darby is forced to use all of her wits and resourcefulness to try to rescue the captive girl and escape the rest stop. The harsh conditions of the blizzard create a sense of urgency that keeps the reader engaged. The theme of survival adds an extra layer of depth to the novel, making it more than just a simple mystery.

No Exit is an excellent locked-room mystery that is sure to keep readers on the edge of their seats. Adams is a talented writer who is able to build tension and suspense in a way that is both masterful and subtle. The characters are complex and interesting, and the theme of survival adds an extra layer of depth to the novel. If you’re a fan of mysteries or thrillers, No Exit is definitely a book you should consider reading.


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