New Book Releases: February 1 – February 7, 2023

There’s much to be excited about with four new releases out today. If you like books about writers, a country house murder, a hard-boiled private eye, or a mystery steeped in jazz, there’s a mystery on this list for you.

Fools Die on Friday by Erle Stanley Gardner

Originally published under Erle Stanley Gardner’s pen name A.A. Fair, this newly re-released publication of Fools Die on Friday stars private eyes Donald Lam and Bertha Cool in their most intriguing case. Hired to prevent wealth from poisoning her husband, brainy Lam and tough Cool concoct a plan. However, it fails, and soon bodies start piling up. Lam and Cool must investigate without too many cluesbefore their whole firm ends up in tatters. Once a lost work by Erle Stanley Gardner, this newly remastered publication is out today, February 7, 2023. Add this hardboiled detective novel to your collection from Amazon now.

Double The Lies by Patricia Raybon (Annalee Spain, 2)

The second book in Patricia Raybon’s thrilling Annalee Spain series will be published on February 7, 2023. In this new high-octane book, join Annalee in the Denver public library. When she notices a young woman crying, she offers her lace handkerchief. Later her handkerchief is found on the body of a dead man, and Annalee is the prime suspect. In the Klan-run city of Colorado, it’s hazardous for a young African-American woman to be suspected of a crime. Annalee must find the actual killer before she’s framed for murder. Get Double the Lies from Amazon here.

Post After Post-Mortem by E.C.R. Lorac and Martin Edwards

Ruth Surray comes from a family of famous authors, writers, and literati; however, Ruth believes she just writes bland books. Stressed from her current publishing schedule, she joins her illustrious family at The Surray House. While visiting with her five siblings, who all converge on the house for a few days, she appears normal, but when they leave to leave Ruth behind, something happens. Before the rest of Ruth’s family returns, it’s announced that she’s taken her life after hosting a glittering party for several of her publishing friends. Richard Surray, Ruth’s brother, suspects her literary executor of foul play but has nothing to substantiate his suspicions; after her inquest brings down the verdict of suicide, Richard receives a strange letter in the mail from his sister Ruth from before she died. Richard Surray enlists the help of CID Robert MacDonald, and together they uncover a ruthlessly planned execution of Ruth Surray. Don’t lose your wits as you battle with a set of crafty suspects in Post After Post-Mortem, available for purchase February 7, 2023, from Amazon here.

Invitation to a Killer by G.M. Malliet (Augusta Hawke, 2)

Join amateur sleuth and professional crime writer Augusta Hawke in her second adventure. While attending the wife of a powerful D.C. lobbyist and amateur writer, Callie Moore’s dinner party, Augusta Hawke must fend off Callie’s desire to hire her as a ghostwriter and unwanted attention. With a room full of people connected to the literary world, the party is a fun escape until Augusta Hawke’s night turns upside down when a celebrity humanitarian, Doctor Burke is found dead at the party of an apparent heart attscandalousugusta isn’t catapult. With many suspects, chiefly Callie Moore, who would do anything to ensure her scandalous memoir will catapult her to a diplomatic posting. Augusta Hawke invites all suspects to a writers’ retreat at a remote lodge to suss out the culprit. When the lodge gets snowed in, Augusta realizes she’s trapped them with a deadly killer. Can Augusta solve who killed Doctor Burke before they end up dead? Enjoy Invitation to a Killer by G.M. Malliet, available from amazon on February 7, 2023. You can purchase the book here.

What a great list of new releases! Are you going to pick up any or do you have your eye on something not listed here? Let me know what new releases have caught your eye in the comments below!


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