New Book Releases: February 15 – February 21, 2023

Six new releases this week! Three of them are reprints from Christina Koning’s The Blind Detective series set in London during the 1920’s.

The Blind Detective by Christina Koning (Blind Detective, 1)

First published as Line of Sight under A. C. Koning.

London, 1927. Frederick Rowlands, an injured war veteran, works as a switchboard operator in the City. After being blinded by shrapnel in the First World War, Fred had to adapt and quickly develop his other senses to survive in the bustling city post-war.

When Fred comes into contact with elegant socialite, Lady Celia West, she instantly charms him. When he starts listening-in to Celia’s private calls to her secret lover, Fred’s boss, Gerald Willoughby, he overhears something very sinister …

When a murder victim is discovered, Fred takes it upon himself to risk everything to protect the women he has fallen in love with.


Out February 16, 2023.

Murder in Regent’s Park by Christina Koning (The Blind Detective, 2)

1929. War veteran, Frederick Rowlands, has escaped the bustle of London to a small holding in Kent. Despite the challenges of his blindness, Fred has established a secure life for his family in the countryside. But things are not as they seem .

One afternoon, Fred bumps into an old friend, Chief Inspector Douglas, who asks for his assistance in uncovering the killer of an alluring dancer. The serenity of Fred’s life in Kent ends abruptly when he is transported back into the whirlwind of London, where he confronts his past life.

Fred and Chief Inspector Douglas have little luck in solving the mystery of the dancer. Instead, they become entrapped in an ominous game of chance, where everything is at risk .


Out February 16, 2023.

Murder in Dublin by Christina Koning (Blind Detective, 7)

Ireland, 1939. The Second World War looms ever closer. Blind war veteran, Frederick Rowlands, seeks refuge in the neutral grounds of Ireland under the orders of Lady Celia Swift, whose husband, Lord Castleford, has been receiving mysterious death threats .

When a body is discovered, Castleford finds himself being accused of a murder he did not commit. As Castleford’s trial begins, Fred must fight for his friend’s innocence and to save his reputation. Will Fred identify the true killer in time, or will it be too late?


Out February 16, 2023.

The Red Widow Murders by John Dickson Carr (Sir Henry Merrivale, 3)

They say that Lord Mantling’s mansion is haunted ― at least, one room of it is. Known as the Red Widow’s Chamber, the now-sealed quarters once housed the wife of a guillotine operator in the French Revolution, and, since her passing, have been host to a century of unsolved horrors, including the death of a man in 1802, the death of a child in 1895, and a number of mysterious mortalities in the years in between.

Now, in 1935, eight men and women join at the manor for a sinister experiment to determine the truth behind the haunting once and for all: they each draw a card, and whoever pulls the Ace of Spades must spend a night in that terrifying room. But the challenge turns fatal when the man selected for the task is found poisoned the next morning when the doors are opened. The locked room was guarded all night, so nobody could have entered or escaped; what’s more, the deadly toxin could only have entered through a break in the skin, but no wounds were discovered on the body.

Is this evidence, at last, of a nefarious spirit at work, or of a diabolical and ingenious killer? Only Sir Henry Merrivale, called in to take note of the night’s proceedings, will be able to examine the clues and deduce the truth.


Out February 21, 2023.

The Red Balcony: A Novel by Jonathan Wilson

It’s 1933, and Ivor Castle, Oxford-educated and Jewish, arrives in Palestine to take up a position as assistant to the defense counsel in the trial of the two men accused of murdering Haim Arlosoroff, a leader of the Jewish community in Palestine whose efforts to get Jews out of Hitler’s Germany and into Palestine may have been controversial enough to get him killed.
While preparing for the trial, Ivor, an innocent to the politics of the case, falls into bed and deeply in love with Tsiona, a free-spirited artist who happened to sketch the accused men in a Jerusalem café on the night of the murder and may be a key witness. As Ivor learns the hard way about the violence simmering just beneath the surface of British colonial rule, Jonathan Wilson dazzles with his mastery of the sun-drenched landscape and the subtleties of the warring agendas among the Jews, Arabs, and British.
And as he travels between the crime scene in Tel Aviv and the mazelike streets of Jerusalem, between the mounting mysteries surrounding this notorious case and clandestine lovemaking in Tsiona’s studio, Ivor must discover where his heart lies: whether he cares more for the law or the truth, whether he is more an Englishman or a Jew, and where and with whom he truly belongs.


Out February 21, 2023.

The Brooklyn North Murder: A Novel by Erica Obey

A hi-flying tech investor vanishes from the middle of a lake in full view of a score of witnesses. Mary Watson, a university librarian and computer genius, has the pictures to prove it. It’ s an impossible crime with only a pair of red swim trunks for a clue, but Mary thinks she can solve this mystery with the help of her Artificial Intelligence program “ Doyle” who suggests the solution can be found in what is arguably the worst detective story ever written— S.S. van Dine’ s The Dragon Murder Case. With the university’ s security chief and a local attorney dogging her heels, and with a mysterious operative appearing out of nowhere, Mary may be in over her head.


Out February 21, 2023.

I’m looking forward to reading the Christina Koning series and the newest novel by Erica Obey the most. What new releases have caught your eye?


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