New Book Releases March 8 – March 14, 2023

The Dying Place by Charly Cox (Detective Alyssa Wyatt, 5)

When the trunk slammed closed, sealing her fate, a deep cold slithered into the center of Kennedy’s bones. All she could do was pray that her attacker would leave enough of her for her family to identify…

Kennedy Farmer, an experienced athlete, never returns after leaving for her usual running route through the dusty mountain trails of New Mexico.

While the search for Kennedy begins, Detective Alyssa Wyatt and her squad face a terrifying new case when the body of a young woman, Rheagan Pembroke, is discovered in the desert terrain surrounding Albuquerque.

Her wounds horrify even the hardened squad of the Albuquerque P.D. – and the case takes an even darker turn when they discover a polaroid stuffed into the victim’s mouth, showing the body of Gunner Galveston, a murder victim from fourteen years ago. Alyssa was a detective on the case, but the culprit was never caught.

As the team are taunted with gruesome packages and blood-curdling phone calls, it becomes evident that a serial killer – whose blood lust is quickly increasing – has been operating in plain sight.

To catch a killer, Alyssa and the squad need to understand the savage desires driving them … before Kennedy becomes another life taken at the hands of a psychopath.

Meet Alyssa Wyatt: detective, mom … and a serial killer’s worst nightmare. This incredibly addictive detective series will thrill fans of Karin Slaughter, Chris Carter and Kendra Elliot.


Out March 8, 2023.

Death on Deck by Verity Bright (A Lady Eleanor Swift Mystery, 13)

When Lady Swift embarks upon her first luxury cruise she imagines a gilded ballroom, afternoons on deck taking tea and all the delectable food she can eat. But she can’t seem to escape from murder…

Lady Eleanor Swift is all set to spend her birthday with her beau, dashing Detective Hugh Seldon, until he calls to cancel on her again at the last minute. What’s a girl to do? Pack up her staff and her faithful old bulldog, Gladstone, and head off on a cruise to New York, that’s what!

On the stunningly opulent ocean liner Celestiana, Eleanor tries to forget her worries and make the most of her trip. That is, until she sees a man being shot and falling overboard. On closer inspection of the scene, Eleanor literally stumbles over the likely murder weapon. And the nick in the barrel is unmistakeable: this gun belongs to Detective Seldon…

With some discreet digging, Clifford discovers Detective Seldon is aboard the ship on an undercover mission. Eleanor doesn’t want to make waves but she’s sure that something fishy is going on and he’s being framed. To get Seldon off the hook, Eleanor casts her net wide and searches for the real murderer among a sea of suspects including European nobility, Italian opera stars and American nouveau riche. But does the victim’s expensive gold ring point to a lavish lifestyle or is it a red herring?

When another passenger is found dead in his first-class cabin, a poisoned whisky glass clutched in his hand, Eleanor realises they are really in hot water. Will the killer be Eleanor’s catch of the day, or will she spend her birthday at the bottom of the sea?

A totally charming, unputdownable Golden Age mystery with characters readers will adore. Perfect for fans of Agatha Christie, T.E. Kinsey and Lee Strauss.

Readers cannot get enough of Verity Bright!


Out March 13, 2023.

Murder on the Night Train to Paris by L. B. Hathaway (The Posie Parker Mystery Series, 15)

What if the City of Light holds nothing but darkness?

January, 1926

Invited aboard the glamourous Night Train to Paris, and tasked with investigating the disappearance of her best friend, Posie Parker suddenly finds herself right in the middle of a murder!

Controversial society beauty, Lady Caroline Greenlow, is on her way to Paris Fashion Week. She always has a habit of rubbing people up the wrong way, but things take a dreadful turn when she is poisoned at dinner, and then another murder occurs soon after.

Just who exactly are their fellow passengers? Can they be trusted? Why is the Night Train so empty? And why did Lady Caroline have to die? And is everything really as it seems?

As she starts to look for her friend Dolly, in a quest which takes in the artists’ quarter of Montparnasse, the glamorous Champs-Elysees, and the glitter of the clubs of Montmartre, Posie realises that she must pursue justice for Caroline Greenlow too, and find the killer. And as she searches for answers regarding both women, Posie realises that danger is hot on her own heels, and someone is following her at every corner.

But why? And can she get out of Paris alive?

A delightfully gripping historical cozy. Fans of Agatha Christie, Lee Strauss and Rhys Bowen will be smitten.

Readers adore Posie Parker!

Don’t miss out on the other thrilling books in the Posie Parker Mystery Series, available exclusively on Amazon. Follow Posie’s investigations as she uncovers more dark secrets and solves intricate cases in ‘Murder in a Chelsea Garden,’ ‘Murder and the Mermaid,’ ‘Murder through the Mirror,’ and many more.

With 15 books in the series and more on the way, there’s always a new mystery to solve.


Out March 13, 2023.

48 Clues into the Disappearance of My Sister by Joyce Carol Oates

When a woman mysteriously vanishes, her sister must tally up the clues to discover her fate.Marguerite, a beautiful woman, has disappeared from her small town in Upstate New York. But is foul play involved? Or did she merely take an opportunity to get away for fun, or finally make the decision to leave behind her claustrophobic life of limited opportunities?

Her younger sister Gigi wonders if the flimsy silk Dior dress, so casually abandoned on the floor, is a clue to Marguerite’s having seemingly vanished. The police examine the footprints made by her Ferragamo boots leaving the house, ending abruptly, and puzzle over how that can help lead to her. Gigi, not so pretty as her sister, slowly reveals her hatred for the perfect, much-loved, Marguerite.

Bit by bit, like ripping the petals off a flower blossom, revelations about both sisters are uncovered. Subtly, but with the unbearable suspense at which Joyce Carol Oates excels, clues mount up to bring to light the fate of the missing beauty.


Released March 14, 2023

The Metropolitan Affair by Jocelyn Green

Bestselling author Jocelyn Green sweeps you away in a dazzling novel of secrets, betrayal, and romance within one of New York City’s most esteemed museums.

For years her explorer father promised Dr. Lauren Westlake she’d accompany him on one of his Egyptian expeditions. But as the empty promises mounted, Lauren determined to earn her own way. Now the assistant curator of Egyptology for the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Lauren receives two unexpected invitations.

The first is her repentant father’s offer to finally bring her to Egypt as his colleague on a new expedition. The second is a chance to enter the world of New York’s wealthiest patrons who have been victims of art fraud.

With Egyptomania sweeping the city after the discovery of King Tut’s tomb, Detective Joe Caravello is on the hunt for a notorious forger preying on the open wallets of New York’s high society. Dr. Westlake is just the expert he needs to help him track the criminal. Together they search for the truth, and the closer Lauren and Joe get to discovering the forger’s identity, the more entangled they become in a web of deception and crime.


Released March 14, 2023.

Stateless by Elizabeth Wein

From the beloved #1 bestselling author of Code Name Verity, this thrilling murder mystery set in 1937 Europe soars with intrigue, glamour, secrets, and betrayal.

When Stella North is chosen to represent Britain in Europe’s first air race for young people, she knows all too well how high the stakes are. As the only participating female pilot, it’ll be a constant challenge to prove she’s a worthy competitor. But promoting peace in Europe feels empty to Stella when civil war is raging in Spain and the Nazis are gaining power—and when, right from the start, someone resorts to cutthroat sabotage to get ahead of the competition.

The world is looking for inspiration in what’s meant to be a friendly sporting event. But each of the racers is hiding a turbulent and violent past, and any one of them might be capable of murder…including Stella herself. 


Released March 14, 2023.

Will you be adding any of these new books to your TBR pile?


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