New Book Releases: March 29 – April 4, 2023

The Greenhouse Pane! by Claire Logan (The Myriad Mysteries, 4)

When their toy poodle Bessie finds a famous architectural designer dead in the Myriad Hotel’s greenhouse, Hector and Pamela Jackson’s attendance at the rooftop gala make them witnesses to a crime scene.

With the elevators suddenly inoperable, our couple must determine which of the guests is the killer before the culprit escapes – or another guest ends up dead.

The fourth of The Myriad Mysteries – a mild, fun mystery series set in a fictional 1920’s Chicago


Out March 30th, 2023! You can get a copy from Amazon here.

A Pen Dipped in Poison by J. M. Hall

Retired schoolteachers Liz, Pat and Thelma are back at their usual table at the Thirsk Garden Centre café with a brand-new mystery to solve…

Curious white envelopes have been delivered to friends and neighbours. Inside are letters revealing the deepest secrets they have tried to hide.

As one by one, careers are ended, marriages destroyed and no one is beyond suspicion, the three friends decide enough is enough. They must take matters into their own hands before more damage is done.

But as they work to uncover the truth, they begin to wonder just how far someone will go to silence this poison pen…

Could a murderer be in their midst once again?


For sale on Amazon on March 30, 2023. You can get a copy here.

The Adventures of Father Brown by G. K. Chesterton (Arcturus Classic Mysteries and Marvels, 5)

Father Brown is one of the best-loved sleuths from Golden Age of detective fiction. This handsome hardback volume collects four of his classic cases, presented with a modern cover design.

Hiding behind his genial appearance, this priest-come-detective has a razor-sharp mind. Through his experience as a confessor, Father Brown has gained has an intrinsic knowledge of humanity’s capacity for evil which makes him an expert at solving crimes. This gifted sleuth uses intuition over scientific method, putting himself in the shoes and minds of the criminals he seeks.

Stories include:
• The Resurrection of Father Brown
• The Oracle of the Dog
• The Mirror of the Magistrate
• The Actor and the Alibi

Now streaming as a popular series on Netflix, Father Brown’s crime-solving adventures remain as compelling now as they ever were. This complete and unabridged edition is the perfect companion title to Father Brown Short Stories.


Released April 4, 2023. You can buy a copy from Amazon here.

Thus Was Adonis Murdered: Novel by Sarah Caudwell

His was a body to die for . . .
Set to have a vacation away from her home life and the tax man, young barrister Julia Larwood takes a trip to Italy with her art-loving boyfriend. But when her personal copy of the current Finance Act is found a few meters away from a dead body, Julia finds herself caught up in a complex fight against the Inland Revenue. 
Fortunately, she’s able to call on her fellow colleagues who enlist the help of their friend Oxford professor Hilary Tamar. However, all is not what it seems. Could Julia’s boyfriend in fact be an employee of the establishment she has been trying to escape from? And how did her romantic luxurious holiday end in murder?


Also released April 4, 2023. You can get a copy of this book from Amazon here.

The Shortest Way to Hades: A Novel by Sarah Caudwell

Die first, pay later.

It seemed the perfect way to avoid three million in taxes on a five-million-pound estate: change the trust arrangement. Everyone in the family agreed to support the heiress, the ravishing raven-haired Camilla Galloway, in her court petition—except dreary Cousin Deirdre, who suddenly demanded a small fortune for her signature. 
Then Deirdre had a terrible accident. That was when the young London barristers handling the trust—Cantrip, Selena, Timothy, Ragwort, and Julia—summoned their Oxford friend Professor Hilary Tamar to Lincoln’s Inn. Julia thinks it’s murder. Hilary demurs. Why didn’t the heiress die? But when the accidents escalate and they learn of the naked lunch at Uncle Rupert’s, Hilary the Scholar embarks on the most perilous quest of all: the truth.


Also out April 4, 2023. You can get it here.

Portrait of a Murder (The Art of Murder, 1) by Michael Jecks

Join this accidental sleuth, Nick Morris, in his first mystery in The Art of Murder series…
Nick Morris is your classic struggling artist. He paints pet portraits to pay the bills but is always just one big commission away from a more comfortable life. Which is why he agrees to paint the reluctant, hot-tempered hotelier, Jason Robart. But Nick gets more than he bargained for when he finds Jason dead from a shotgun blast to the head in an apparent suicide.

No one seems upset about his death except for his girlfriend Elizabeth, and Nick, who has lost the income from the commission. It turns out Jason owed money to everyone – including some unsavoury Russians.

When Elizabeth goes missing, Nick is concerned, but so is Jason’s unpleasant business partner and those persuasive Russians who threaten Nick to reveal everything he knows . . . or else. Nick is knee deep in trouble and to escape he must find Elizabeth, uncover the truth of Jason’s death, and stay alive! If only he had stuck to painting cats . . 


Out today, April 4, 2023. You can get this new release from Amazon here.

Green for Danger (The Inspector Cockrill Mysteries, 2) by Christianna Brand

It is 1942, and struggling up the hill to the new Kent military hospital Heron’s Park, postman Joseph Higgins is soon to deliver seven letters of acceptance for roles at the infirmary. He has no idea that the sender of one of the letters will be the cause of his demise in just one year’s time.

When Higgins returns to Heron’s Park with injuries from a bombing raid in 1943, his inexplicable death by asphyxiation in the operating theatre casts four nurses and three doctors under suspicion, and a second death in quick succession invites the presence of the irascible—yet uncommonly shrewd—Inspector Cockrill to the hospital. As an air raid detains the inspector for the night, the stage is set for a tense and claustrophobic investigation with a close-knit cast of suspects.


Out today, April 4, 2023. You can get this new release from Amazon here.

The Alarm of the Black Cat by Dolores Hitchens (Rachel Murdock Mysteries, 2)

This classic mystery features a family feud, feline intervention, and the spirited septuagenarian sleuth from The Cat Saw Murder.

A strange encounter with a little girl named Claudia and a dead toad sparks elderly detective fiction fan Rachel Murdock’s obsessive curiosity, and she winds up renting the house next door just to see how things play out. But soon after she and her cat Samantha move in, Rachel realizes they’ve landed right in the middle of a deadly love triangle that’s created animosity among the three families who now surround her.

When Rachel finds Claudia’s great-grandmother dead in her basement, she reaches out to a friend in the LAPD to solve the crime. They soon learn the three households have been torn apart by one husband’s infidelity and a complicated will that could lead to a fortune. In a house plagued by forbidden love, regret, and greed, Rachel will have to trust her intuition, as well as Samantha’s instincts, to survive―and keep Claudia out of the hands of a killer whose work has just begun.…


This is the newest release in the American Mystery Classics series and I am totally stoked to pick this up. Out April 4, 2023. You can get a copy of the book here.


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