Book Review: The Penguin Pool Murder by Stuart Palmer (1932)

Golden Age of Detective Fiction

In Hildegarde Withers first case, she teams up with Detective Oscar Piper to find who killed stockbroker, Gerald Lester, and dumped his body in the New York City Aquarium’s penguin tank, in Stuart Palmer’s 1932 novel, The Penguin Pool Murder. Audiences loved it so much that  it was turned into a blockbuster feature film with the same title by RKO Studios.

The Players

  • Miss Hildegarde Withers: 3rd-grade school teacher who takes her class to the New York City Aquarium on a field trip.
  • Bertrand B. Hemingway: The New York City Aquarium Director.
  • Gerald Lester: Found dead in the Penguin tank at the New York City Aquarium.
  • Gwen Lester: Wife of the deceased and his suspected killer.
  • Philip Seymour: Gwen Lester’s ex-lover. He is an attorney Gwen Lester hired to help her divorce her jealous husband, Gerald Lester. He meets Gwen Lester at the aquarium and gets into…

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