Book Review: The Unsuspected by Charlotte Armstrong (1945)

Another great Charlotte Armstrong book to read in honor of her birthday.

Golden Age of Detective Fiction

The Unsuspected by Charlotte Armstrong is a classic mystery novel, originally published in 1945. The story follows Jane, a young woman who is investigating the supposed suicide of her best friend Rosaleen. Rosaleen was found dead in a soundproof room, and although the police believe it was a suicide, Jane is convinced that her friend was murdered.

In order to prove her theory, Jane takes a job working for Luther Grandison, Rosaleen’s boss, who is a well-known theatrical impresario in New York. Jane believes that Grandison was responsible for Rosaleen’s death because Rosaleen had written to her about Grandison’s unethical behavior, including stealing money from his adopted daughter’s account when he needed it.

As Jane becomes more involved in Grandison’s life, she discovers that he is a charming and charismatic man with a dark side. She also begins to suspect that he is involved in the deaths of other people…

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