Book Review: Murder by the Book, Edited by Martin Edwards (2021)

Golden Age of Detective Fiction

Welcome to another review of one of the British Library Crime Classics series: Murder by the Book, edited by Martin Edwards.

Murder by the Book is an anthology of sixteen short stories meticulously selected by Martin Edwards around the theme of books; there’s stories from 1890-1960 about writers, booksellers, and readers from the Golden Age of Detective Fiction, which were out of print or forgotten that have been brought to a new generation of readers.

This anthology of “Bibliomysteries” features stories from Golden Age giants such as Ngaio Marsh’s “Chapter and Verse,” which features her famed detective Roderick Alleyn in a twisted family inheritance case that leads to murder (of course!) and shocking revelations.

Neither well-known author John Creasey’s “The Baron nor “The Toff” make appearances rather “The Book of Honour,” a moralist tale of a bookseller’s rise, fall, and rise again in India.

One of the most surprising…

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