Book Review: Eternity Ring by Patricia Wentworth (1948)

Golden Age of Detective Fiction

Mary Stokes swears she saw a woman with her head bashed in, blonde hair matted with blood, wearing a black dress, a black coat, and one beautiful, distinctive hoop earring set all around in diamonds in the beam of her flashlight as she walked through Dead Man’s Copse on a cold January night. She also saw a murderer frantically rummaging on the ground for the other Eternity ring, lost amongst the forest floor. Before she’s caught spying on a murderer, she runs to the village of Deeping and tells her tale to every patient and practical Detective Frank Abbott, who is visiting his relations on holiday.

Frank Abbott follows Mary Stokes to Dead Man’s Copse, but there’s no body, blood, or Eternity Ring. Unsure of what to make of her story Frank Abbott returns to the village to gather information on Mary Stokes. Mary Stokes is a known flirt, a…

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